Monday, May 23, 2005

Ralph L. Denton, Representing a Theif and a Liar

Mr.Denton is a very prominant old time lawyer in Las Vegas. He knows how the game is played. But one of his clients is a thief, why do I say this? Because he is my adopted brother, who stole my mother's life savings when he acted in his capacity as the Successor Trustee. Mr. Denton has chosen to represent him, and I suppose if he doesn't mind representing people who lie and steal, it is just par for being an attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is little wonder they are having such a problem with ethics violations.

It appears that Mr. Denton has a little bit of a connection with my former attorney, Brian C. Tanko. They both have a common client, The Greenspuns, Brian Greenspun is owner of the Las Vegas Sun and is one of the richest men in Las Vegas. Ralph Denton has worked with Mr. Greenspun in the past. I thought was a conflict of interest, but neither attorney felt it was necessary to notify me of this little fact.

But the real issue is that Mr. Denton's client has told gross lies about me to the family back East. His Client told our cousin S. that I broke my Mom's fingers and toes. Can you immagine? It was a total lie, and that was simply to cover up his stealing of her inheritance.

If he wants to sue me, go ahead. I am not lying and this case needs to be made public. I welcome the lawsuit.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Brian C. Tanko, The Worst Attorney I Have Ever Had

Brian C. Tanko, is an attorney out of Las Vegas Nevada, that basically stole my infant daughter's annuity Trust Fund document, that my deceased mother had left her. He is holding this because as he claims he was never paid for his services, which in part is true, but what he isn't saying is that he never performed them as he was instructed to do. In fact he failed (And I strongly suspect it was intentional)that there was a conflict of interest in his handling of this matter, not to mention the fact that he contacted me in Lincoln, Iowa, all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada, in order to offer his services.

I am upset that he took my baby's money, but truthfully I am more concerned that other people might fall prey to this type of unethical behavior on the part of a lawyer towards his client. If he has any problem with me saying this, I hope he sues me, because this will just give his misdoings that much more plublicity. I wonder how low he will go in his quest for more money?

The last hearing we had in Nevada, I had given him a copy of the paper work out of courtesy, and he filed an answer to the petition, in which he basically took my adopted brother's side of the case, which is funny, because he is the adversary at law in this matter. This is just another example of the unethical and outright ridiculous actions on the part of someone who was paid in advance a $4,000.00, retainer fee, for his services, when he had only requested $3,000.00 This may not seem like a lot of money, but for someone in college it is a huge sum and basically he squandered it in meaningless amounts of wasted energy. The only thing I feel he did correctly, at a considerable expense to myself was get the court in Nevada to take jurisdiction of this case.

Mr. Tanko, despite being a licensed CPA and a Certified Fraud Examiner, failed to check one single document in regards to the information being put forward from the other side, as to financial matters, signatures, and hospital records. He summarily dismissed them and withdrew from the case at the most crucial point, because he said he wasn't getting paid. Problem was he wasn't doing his job. I don't know about you, but when I take my car in for the brakes to get fixed and I come back and the mechanic has fixed the alternator. I simply am not going to pay the bill, when I told him to do the brakes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Adam J. Schulthes and the Issue

When our mother died, my adopted brother Adam Schultheis, of Henderson Nevada, decided to take all the money she had accumulated over a lifetime of scrimping and saving(She was depression era and frugal would not be an understatement to describe the way this poor woman lived.) Adam was the person she had chosen and trusted to be the Successor Trustee of the Revocable Living Trust. He either (1)Fraudulently signed the revocation feature of the living trust document, or (2)He used undue influence, because she was under his control during the final time before she died.(3)Miss represented to her what she was signing. (4)Coerced her into signing this document. Either way he took what wasn't his to take. In order to make it look legitimate he had left me, his adopted brother, with 20% of the sale of her home in Las Vegas.

So why was this so bad, because it takes from my three children their share in this legacy, which worth a whole lot more than 20% of the sale of the home our mother bought in cash. She loved all of us. I am not particularly upset anymore about the money, but it is wrong and I will not allow him to get away with this. It is time he answered for his actions regarding his own decisions. I think the saddest thing to me is that I have given him plenty of time to come to his senses (almost 4 years), but he has shown no remorse or conscience about this matter. He knows nothing about love, despite he purports as a school teacher to be a very loving family provider and is very active in a violin group called "The Fiddlers". This is merely another smoke screen which allows him to act in a way that gets him public recognition for doing good works.

Sadly Adam has been a thief as long as I have known him. He worked his way up to this. While what he did as a child and a young person are in the past, they clearly show the direction his life has taken in this regard.

He stole a Gumby toy from the very first birthday party he attended as a small child. He would collect bottle money which was designated for the Catholic church in San Diego, where we would attend (Good Shepherd Catholic Church-Mira Mesa), He would rip-off the baseball cards out of the popsicle boxes in the local grocery store in San Diego (Bradshaw's-Mira Mesa), He would hide newspapers under his bed (The sentinel)rather than deliver them like he was paid to do as a kid, and according to my mother, he took her ATM Card and made withdrawals without her authorization, which probably were used to support his use of illegal drugs as a teenager, which he also sold to others, according to his own admission to me. So this taking of my mother's money when she died, is not really that big a surprise. It is certainly nothing new and just because he holds a position of a teacher does not make this false. It merely gives him a look of respectability in the community.

Interestingly he has been the recipient now of three inheritances, one from his first wife's parents that was for his daughter from their first marriage, the other is when our adopted father died, and now he has managed to take this money. Adam is very well off financially and certainly doesn't need this money, but I don't believe he can control his greed. He is also easily influenced by those around him, and I believe his current wife is perhaps not the best influence on him in this regard.

And he told Our cousin S. back East that I had "broken my mother's finger and toes." I was very upset at the time, but looking back I can see this was only to legitimise his claim on the money. It gave a reason for my mother to have left the money to my brother, even though it never happened and was a total lie, but when you are smart you can make baseless allegations and not have to prove them. Unlike my brother everything I have said is the truth, and he is welcome to sue me if he disagrees with any of this. Being honest is not one of my weaknesses in life.


There is no malice in the publication of this blog, rather the reason for its creation is to achieve justice by means of exposing the players in this controversy for the roles they knowingly or unknowingly chose to perform.

Politically Nevada is a power player in American politics and those with connections tend to win in Nevada Courts. Right or wrong this is the way it is. People need to know what to do when the legal system is no longer working for truth and justice, and lawyers violate ethical rules in order to enrich themselves.

One of the best way to put a stop to someone that is behaving in this way is to expose what they are doing for all the public to see. And this is exactly what this blog will do.

There are so far three main players: (1)Adam Schultheis, my adopted brother, the one that stole the inheritance my mother left behind in a Living Trust Document, (2)His lawyer Ralph Denton, who has aided his client in this act. (3)My former attorney, Brian Tanko,who knowingly withheld information from me about a clear conflict of interest in this case and who I strongly suspect was hired by my brother to assist him in the stealing of this money.